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how do we make it?

As the Kuela Studio team, we prioritize high quality, customer satisfaction, and excellent service with the art and textile works we have created. We dedicate weeks of work to ensure the best quality for our projects.

Our products are meticulously handmade and go through various processes including design, weaving, trimming, scissoring, brushing, and washing.


The artworks and surfaces we create using different techniques are transformed into products such as bags, wall hangings, throw pillows and rugs.

slow fashion 🪡

All these stages that require handmade processes typically take an average of 7 to 15 days, depending on the projects.

custom made 💌

​Kuela products are not just fashion accessories; they are also part of the “slow fashion” movement.

Slow fashion is a fashion movement that focuses on sustainability and ethical values. It promotes consuming less, opting for quality products, and encouraging production processes that respect the environment.


timing ⏱️

We have a great interest in collaborating with artists. Undertaking projects that support collective energy and vision with artists excites us.

Kuela specializes in crafting personalized designs tailored to individual preferences and brands, providing unique and one‑of‑a‑kind creations. 

tuft art 🖌️

production process 🧶

The process at Kuela Studio begins by transforming the designs we create into drawings that are suitable for weaving techniques before production.

production stages ✂️

The products go through several stages, including drawing, design, weaving, shearing, cutting, and washing.

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