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who are we?

kuela kurucuları

About us

Kuela is a collaborative textile and design studio that produces artful designs using the tufting technique.

Kuela aims to incorporate the art of handcrafting into our daily lives by transforming it into home textiles and accessory products. It offers top-quality products by converting surfaces created through a special weaving technique into various design items.

We offer unique products and artworks, such as collaborative energy and artistic spirit-infused bags, wall hangings, toss pillows and rugs.

We value...

 We believe that every product that enters our lives creates an energy cycle. 

As the Kuela team, we prioritize high quality, customer satisfaction, and excellent service with the art and textile works we have created.

Our aim is to connect and contribute to these energy cycles that our customers and art enthusiasts have established with their possessions and souls through our art.

We are always open to collaborations.

we support collective energy









Our carefully crafted woven surfaces are used in various products such as home textiles, furniture, carpets, and cushions.

By partnering with interior designers, we offer aesthetic and unique solutions. With our expertise in pattern design, we aim to provide original and creative options tailored to each customer's unique style.


Furthermore, we have a great interest in collaborating with artists. Undertaking projects that support collective energy and vision with artists excites us.

Please feel free to contact us to collaborate and explore our innovative approach and creative solutions.

Meet The Team

Founder & CEO

Berk Gümüşterazili

Founder & CEO

Merve Ulu

Founder & CEO

Naz Karahan

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